Friday, June 2, 2017

Shelter from the Storm


Building:  POST: Hurley Rural Garage (group)

N4RS Dog House v1.2 @Fameshed, June 2017
N4RS Dog Gone Fishing [deco] @Fameshed, June 2017
N4RS Dog Water Bowl [deco] @Fameshed, June 2017
N4RS Dog Bone [deco] @Fameshed, June 2017
Apple Fall Cranfield Fence
Apple Fall Flagstones
Kalopsia - Hazel's Bird House (Gift)
dust bunny . birdhouse garden gate
dust bunny . makeshift mailbox . blue
hive // forgotten basketball hoop
hive // rentals sign
hive // barn lamp
The Hive - Leaning Rake

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