Thursday, November 10, 2016

So Chic!


Building:  2. Scarlet Creative Spellbound Skybox (walls re-textured) @Collabor88, November 2016

The Loft & ARIA - Aradia Settee - PG @Collabor88, November 2016
The Loft & ARIA - Aradia Deco Bowls @Collabor88, November 2016
The Loft & ARIA - Aradia Leaner Mirror @Collabor88, November 2016
Aria & The Loft - Aradia Orchid @Collabor88, November 2016
The Loft & ARIA - Aradia Chandelier @Collabor88, November 2016
The Loft - Corvus Hide Rug @Collabor88, November 2016
[ARIA] Amaryllis potted Basil A 
[ARIA] Clementine sculpture 
[ARIA] Diedra Amsonia bouquet in a vase
[ARIA] Skyler cherry blossom in a jar6
AF Empire Coffee Table
AF Bow Tie Art
AF Chinese Credenza
AF Venetian Tapestry
Apple Fall Hand Carved Zebra Mask
MudHoney Relaxed Roman Shades
Kalopsia - Big Ass Fancy Vase
Kalopsia - New Royals Chair (Black)
Kalopsia - Orchids (Diped in Gold)
DaD DESIGN "08 Trumpet Lamp" c/m
junk. round rug. zebra.
Con&floorplan. The Librocubicularist's Library / Black
floorplan. bunny clock / white
-tres blah- Salad Days - Gold Cloche
-David Heather-Golden Apple Bowl
-David Heather-Gold Flower Vases
[Black Bantam] My Little Zebra @The Chapter Four, November 2016
[Black Bantam] My Little Zebra Bow @The Chapter Four, November 2016
StoraxTree Mesh Native Zebra Statue

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