Sunday, November 13, 2016

Dog House


Building:  :HAIKEI: dusky white skybox

Second Spaces - Barnabas wire chandelier - white @Collabor88, November 2016
BackBone Weathered Street Clock @Deco(c)rate, November, 2016
BackBone Weathered Lantern Green @Deco(c)rate, November, 2016
ARIA - Brynn Leather Sofa @Deco(c)rate, November, 2016
.random.Matter. - Book of Sorro @Deco(c)rate, November, 2016
MudHoney Ryan Hanging Table
MudHoney Throw Pillow Gold Polka Dots
MudHoney Throw Pillow Gold Chevron
MudHoney Throw Pillow Gold Edge
MudHoney Vases Tray
AF Ikat Throw Cushion (Architecture)
AF Books
22769 ~ [bauwerk] House Of Cards
LISP - Mesh - Faded Summer Rug - Cafe Cream
N4RS Dixon Wingback  Draped - PG
[ARIA] Gretchen apple cider tray
ARIA & The Loft - Ambrose Curtains
The Loft & Aria - Abalone Pillow
floorplan. palmist sign @Collabor88, November 2016
-David Heather-War Medals Plaque RARE
--ANHELO-M16MD-163GA :: bassman sidetable
TA Code Rug Beige
{vespertine}-through the looking eyeglass./silver
DIGS - Falmouth Coffee Table - Mahogany/Mid
+Half-Deer+ Dog Treat Jar
junk. barrel table.
Scarlet Creative Holiday Cushion Neutral
Culprit Grrrmbah Frenchie Bones
[Black Bantam] Shar Pei Puppy Wheat Male
[Black Bantam] Male Chow Chow Doggy Brown

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