Thursday, July 7, 2016



Building:  [PM]Pixel Mode - The Marcus Studio Apartment

Kalopsia - Scaffold Bedroom
Kalopsia - Garage Shelf
Kalopsia - Garage Hanging Lamp
Kalopsia - Diving Helmet (Copper)
Kalopsia - Cans Mess
[ zerkalo ] Handcuff Chair - Fur
[ zerkalo ] Imprisoned Bronze - Slave Ring Single @We Love Roleplay
[ zerkalo ] Imprisoned Bronze - Slave Cage Single @We Love Roleplay
*Drot* - Satans little Helpers previous Arcade item
[MF] broken antique mirror (Marketplace)
[MF] crying skeleton (Marketplace)
[Breno] Elk horns
DRD MM walltextures previous Arcade item
DRD MM attic junkpile previous Arcade item
KAZZA - Time Room Set - big wall clock @The Chapter Four
KAZZA - Time aRoom Set - diving dress @The Chapter Four
Miscellaneous boxes and packaging

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