Thursday, February 25, 2016

Oh No You Didnt

Avatars come in all shapes, horses, dogs, cockroaches, blah blah blah.  However when posing as a  human being, there are certain looks that send me into uncontrollable laughter.

I don't want to dis' anyone for their style taste, but really.  This look was a conscience decision, bought and paid for with Filthy Linden Lucre.  I wish I could have talked with her, got to know her and what influences her style.

Just for fun, i've posed in my Tooter Claxton avatars - absolutely HYSterical.

Really!  (not me)

Ordering lunch near my home in Saint Pete - Tooter Claxton's Punk Rat Avatar

Smokin near my home in Saint Pete - Tooter Claxton's Lounge Lizard Avatar

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