Friday, February 26, 2016

Ladies Who Lunch


Building:  Apple Fall Country Hall

[ keke ] magnolia tree high detail - blush in Trompe Loeil - Odette Planter Square White
Trompe Loeil - Odette Planter Square White
~BAZAR~  Forest Dining Set including chandelier and canopy 
The Ladies: @Lost and Found
  [n.i] on.display.5  (nefarious inventions)
  [n.i] on.display.12
  [n.i] on.display.9
  [n.i] on.display.3
  [n.i] on.display.1 RARE
Belle Epoque { Evie Hat } PINK @Lost and Found
Belle Epoque { Evie Hat } VIOLET @Lost and Found
=Zenith=vintage pearl necklace with key - Rigged
LaGyo_Melissa Fishnet headpiece

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