Thursday, January 28, 2016

La Galleria Palos Verdes House

La Galleria

Palos Verdes House includes snow for the roof.  This is truly a home for year-round living.

The part mesh Palos Verdes House is 176 prims for the house and everything linked to it, including deck.

~ Floorplan includes three master suites, plus one additional room that can be used for another bedroom/office/etc.
~ Master suites have bathroom areas.
~ Two versatile mult-purpose rooms upstairs.
~ Formal dining room 
~ Breakfast nook off kitchen
~ Kitchen area fits all  La Galleria MESH kitchens
~ L Click window controller switch to open or close shutters (seen only from outside -- inside stays open)

INCLUDED with the house (but not linked to it):
Pool with float and tread water animations -- "sit" on the side of the pool with steps.
Steps for pool - tile.
Steps for deck - wood.
Lion Fountains (a non-linked copy -- two are already linked to the house)
Entry Light
Celing fan.
Garden walls -- place wherever you like.
Juniper Trees 
Juniper plants in planters
Rows of flowers.
Antique brick planters- 2 Options
Hanging Ivy or Fern for dining/living room trellis and front porch
Textured wood floor block for building.
Textured roof tiles  block for building.
Snow for Rooftop

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