Tuesday, January 12, 2016

In a Mood


The Liaison Collaborative

The Seasons Story


The Chapter Four


Building:  dust bunny . sleepless attic . skybox (@Collabor88)

Second Spaces - Holo Table - grey (@Collabor88)
Second Spaces - Holo candles (@Collabor88)
MeadowWorks Hope ~ a Fragment - Resizer (@The Chapter Four)
Serenity Style- Neylan Mirror (@The Liaison Collaborative)
:CP: Easton Lamp (@The Seasons Story)
:CP: Easton Sofa (PG) (@The Seasons Story)
:CP: Easton Hanging Heart Planter (@The Seasons Story)
[PM]Pixel Mode -  Hampton Chandlier (@Fameshed)
Kalopsia - Suitcases - Brown (@Fameshed)
Kalopsia - Hortensia Vase (@Fameshed)
Kalopsia - Metal Vases (@Fameshed)
Kalopsia - Pillow Stool (@Fameshed)
Kalopsia - Round Box - White (@Fameshed)
Kalopsia - Round Boxes (@Fameshed)
Soy. Chair with sheep fur [white]
[ kunst ] - Boho carpet #8
[[RH]] Cat (Black) (@The Seasons Story)
[[RH]] ZABUTON (Black cat) [RARE] (@The Seasons Story)
[[RH]] Cat (Black) Sit (@The Seasons Story)
[[RH]] Cat (Black) CHIGURA (@The Seasons Story)

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