Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Fall Splendor on my Front Porch

The Liason Collaborative (November 7-30)

I love the new look of the Collaborative event.  So happy it is back in full force.


Building:  Scarlet Creative Moon Rise Cottage 0.1

MudHoney Corn Husk Wreath (TLC)
MudHoney Country Stool (TLC)
MudHoney Herringbone Welcome Mat (TLC)
MudHoney Pumpkin Planks (TLC)

Kalopsia - Painted Jar - Red
Kalopsia - Painted Jar - Orange
Kalopsia - Chain Lamp (Long) - Bronze
MudHoney Owen Rocking Chair - black
MudHoney Rustic Welcome Sign
MudHoney Mums in Bucket - yellow

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