Friday, October 23, 2015

The Victorian

Lost and Found


Building:  Hackberry Hall, Never Totally Dead

[ba] flotaki rug
BAZAR Paris - Armchair (Lost and Found)
BAZAR Paris - Map of Paris frame (Lost and Found)
BAZAR Paris - Books (Lost and Found)
Kalopsia - Castle Lamp (Lost and Found)
Kalopsia - Flower Case (Lost and Found)
6. MudHoney Lenore Fireplace - gray (TAG GACHA)
8. MudHoney Lenore Urn (TAG GACHA)
11. MudHoney Lenore Table white (TAG GACHA)
15. MudHoney Lenore Books (TAG GACHA)
MudHoney Lenore Jewels (slightly tinted) (TAG GACHA)
MudHoney Normal Art, MudHoney Stone Art, MudHoney Skull Art (TAG GACHA)
[ keke ] summer tray w flowers - white
[ keke ] rainy day table lamp
[ keke ] raw crystal chandelier - bright
[ keke ] crown papers (TAG GACHA)
[ keke ] key papers (TAG GACHA)
DIGS - Rae Floor Lamp - White [MESH]
!! Follow US !! Love from Paris COPY version
*HEXtraordinary* Common Pixie Specimens (TAG GACHA)

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