Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Baja Hotel


Shiny Shabby


Building:  L2 Studio Dove Bay MINI 02 82 li

[PM]Pixel Mode - Millmoon Bed - Adult (The Shiny Shabby)
[PM]Pixel Mode - Millmoon - Pitcher and Basin (The Shiny Shabby)
[PM]Pixel Mode - Millmoon - End Table - Left (The Shiny Shabby)

Kalopsia - Old Mirror (with pictures) (Kustom9)
Kalopsia - Basket (with cloths) (Kustom9)

[ keke ] tall bottled flowers - blush (The Shiny Shabby)
[ keke ] sphere bottled flowers - white (The Shiny Shabby)
[ keke ] tall bottled flowers - blush (The Shiny Shabby)

Pixel Mode - Victoria's Hideaway - Willow Side Table
[PM]Pixel Mode -   Alina Chair w/Pillow B
Apple Fall Twig Wreath
Apple Fall Natural Apples
Apple Fall Canvas Tote
AF Teacup Pearls RARE
AF Seaside Candle
AF Seahorse Vase Object (Cranberry)
MudHoney Canvas Shoes - Floral
Kuro - Ladder lamp
floorplan. throw rug / octopus
floorplan. rose de provence
"Simplicity" Magazines for Table
{what next}Travel Suitcase
:FANATIK HOME: Real Folded Jeans Denim
TA Girl's Essentials
*ionic* memories collector
[ zerkalo ] Precious Moments - Make-up (The Epithany)

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