Saturday, May 30, 2015

In Living Color

I've been on vacation and returning to work has been crazy - I'm trying to catch up :)


Building:  Sundara Villa - The [Den.]  Residential Container @ uber

[ARIA] Deva hanging tapestry @uber
[ARIA] Deva side table
[ARIA] Deva two sitter sofa (PG)
[ARIA] Deva lotus candle holder

[ARIA] Ophelia three sitter sofa (PG) 1
[ARIA] Thea stone bowl with apples

[ keke ] memory branch
[ keke ] butterfly wall decor - yellow - The Arcade June 2015

MudHoney Gale Chair - Emerald - The Arcade June 2015

MudHoney Leslie Garden Stool - orange
MudHoney Leslie Wicker Chair - yellow
MudHoney Leslie Wicker Chair - navy chevron
MudHoney Neve Rug

[PM]Pixel Mode - Boho Lights
BAZAR - Toronto-Curtain
junk. oversized wall cushion. elephant. @uber
Kuro - Decorative basket (green)
:CP: Lotus Spa Occasional Table @uber
Zigana . maroccan table . green
Fancy Decor: Metal Hourglasses
Fancy Decor: Simple Candelabra
FD: Large Frame Group
Fancy Decor: The Garden of Earthly Delights (Medium)
FD: Mounted Turtle Shell 1 and 2
Fancy Decor: Silver Frame v. 2
Fancy Decor: Vostre pictures
DIGS - Narvik Coffee Table
TA Noor Hang Lamp
TA Noor Bedside Table
TA Noor Chest
TA Noor Plant
TA Noor Tapestry
7 - Square Frame Wall Leaners
KAZZA - HomeStyle - Small Vase Foliage
KAZZA - HomeStyle - Peace Lily
KAZZA - HomeStyle - Narguile
Zaara [home] : 8 Jali lamp *tara*
Zaara [home] : 15  Jali lamps  *kamal*
Zaara [home] : 6 Sandstone elephant
Zaara [home] : 19 Rajastani wall hanging *camel*
floorplan. throw rug / stencil @uber
The Loft - Bailey Outdoor Fireplace
The Loft - Neo Mirror Black
ANE SLON SET - Elephant  (color change) RARE
[ba] onion lamp

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