Wednesday, March 25, 2015

~BAZAR~ Sophistication

I was going through my inventory and marveling at the beautiful pieces I haven't used.   Time to dust them off and let them shine.


Building - Botha Laguna House

~BAZAR~ - Roya- Sofa, Roya - Carpet, Arizona coffee table, Traveler-Wood sculpture, Traveler-Greek vase, Traveler-Diary, Traveler-Book&Clock, Arizona Wood little tables, Traveler-Roman amphora
[ keke ] small glass side table - white, [ keke ] paper whites - rectangular
Apple Fall - AF Venetian Tapestry, {af} Tied Books, Apple Fall Plaster Candles
-Hanaya- Budding Forsythia Branches [mesh]
HPMD* Weasel - white(M) v1.0
Fancy Decor: Vostre 1 and 2
Hayabusa Design Pyrus Tree - Poirier M1 v1-1 T3
tarte. ceiling string lights
Trident Youth Elixir Tray
Hattie Panacek - Vulcano fireplace 1.0
{vespertine}kiki simple bench /dropwood

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