Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Rich Texture

Remember when MudHoney debuted the Priya Bed at Cinema 2012?  I do.  I went nuts for that bed. It was expensive and worth every penny - I bought the PG version and have used it many times in stylings.  The bed curtains are so versatile.  You can unlink them and use them on a window or door opening.  The Priya Bed is the perfect compliment to MudHoney's Alicia Vanity set available this month at The Liaison Collaborative.


The Liaison Collaborative


Building:  Never Totally Dead Chateau La Lutiniere - Small

My Kittycats - AGs Olympus!, AGs Labrador! and AGs Talladega!  (Balinese - Seal Lynx)

MudHoney Alicia Table
MudHoney Alicia Mirror
MudHoney Alicia Frame
MudHoney Alicia Makeup Stand
MudHoney Alicia Rose (pink)
MudHoney Alicia Stool
MudHoney Alicia Books

MudHoney Priya Bed (PG) and Bed Curtains
MudHoney Relaxed Shades - Wide Long
MudHoney Neve Rug
MudHoney Red Tulips
MudHoney magazine prop
MudHoney Leslie Garden Stool - lt blue

[ARIA] - Aidan silhouette side table
Apple Fall - {af} Icon Tower Lamp {Pearl}, AF Gilt Frame (Portrait)
[PM]Pixel Mode - Lisa Table - F
Kalopsia - Chandelier, New Royals Couch (White), Arabella's Books, Old Letters, Pot Pourrit
The Loft - Marelda Vanity Chair, Aden lamp, Pear Trinket Box, Bennet Chaise PG OffWhite
{anc} - lantern " temari : momo " on ground [REZ] 2Li, EDEN.olive /  new
Dutchie - rug wheat, valise
::NAMU:: PINK_ballerina_musicbox, SWAN_ballerina_musicbox (Cosmopolitan)
{what next} Hearts Alarm Clock (ivory), Sweetheart Balloons Decor
Zaara - vanity accessories, Antique telephone
POST - Jouanny Chinoiserie Vase 
Kaerri - Felicity Orchid Urn

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