Thursday, January 1, 2015

Retreat to the Woods

Beautiful, natural materials home by [The Den] available at this month's ~uber~ event.




TD [The Den] - North_Woods_Home, available at ~uber~

ArchiTech Design - Colorado Spruce Winter Cluster of Eight, Winter  Rockery with Tree, Winter Bush  Red Berries: Group of Four, Cotoneaster Bushes Snowy (three), Planted Half Barrel with Holly, Cluster of  Snowy Ferns  2
Botanical - T2C Log Seat, Mesh Snowy Fir w Lights 
{what next} - Silver Alpbach Tree Lanterns, Pine Ridge Camping Stool (green)
-[ Zacca ]- BrickWall
*K* (Kismet) - Winterberry Bush 3 Red
Heart Garden Center - Winter Snowy Hawthorns
:CP: - Louis' Willow Chairs
Alouette - Glamping Fire Pit

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