Saturday, January 3, 2015

Elegance - Restrained beauty from [keke]

Elegance is a synonym for beauty that has come to acquire the additional connotations of unusual effectiveness and simplicity. It is frequently used as a standard of tastefulness particularly in the areas of visual design, decoration, the sciences, and the aesthetics of mathematics. Elegant things exhibit refined grace and dignified propriety.

There is nothing else you can say about the restrained beauty of [keke]'s Winter Flowers - available January 10 at The Seasons Story.


Building:  LUTON Manor - REDGRAVE (v1.0)

[keke]'s Winter Flowers - available January 10 at The Seasons Story

It is fairly obvious that I am crazy about Kalopsia's new chandelier (available at ~uber~), New Royals set

Kalopsia - Chandelier, Big Ass Fancy Vase, Morrocan Mirror (Fifty Linden Friday)
[*Art Dummy!] - in waiting. (settee-vintage)
~Bazar~ - Traveler-Greek vase, Traveler-Rope frame 1, Traveler-Wood sculpture, Floria-Living room cabinet
NOMAD // Brass Wallclock .002
Oriolus Olivia - OO_Ruined rug 1
Trompe Loeil - Winter Tree - White Bag

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