Friday, December 5, 2014

Membership Has Its Privileges

Kalopsia - The Men's Department - Godfather Hold'em Table

The Men's Department



Building - Trompe Loeil - Brooklyn Carriage House

Kalopsia - The Men's Department - Godfather Hold'em Table
Kalopsia - Old Leather Chair RARE
Kalopsia - Painting (Waterloo)
Kalopsia - Painting (A friend in need)
Kalopsia - Bistro Chair RARE
Kalopsia - Leather Lamp
Kalopsia - Poker Table RARE
Kalopsia - Poker Chips
Kalopsia - Playing Cards
Kalopsia - Hat & Gun
Kalopsia - Drink & smoke
Kalopsia - Old Rug

Kalopsia - Cognac Chair, Staglady Statue, Tan Buttoned Pillow, Tan Branch Pillow, Red Nordic Pillow,  Old Clock, Jack (Jester),  Red Riding Hood Chair
Painter Meriman - SWING ARM LAMP FLOOR L and R
Dutchie - Library wide part 1,2,3  no shadow, Dutchie free newspaper, Dutchie 4 fashionmagazines, 1 prim, Dutchie 3 herbs, Dutchie Asplenium nidus
junk. - repurposed wheel table. bronze.
The Loft - Alderan Rug Spice, Villa Casolare Round - Black
Kuro - That coffee table
MNM - oak apothecary cabinet
Bazar - Arizona-Newspaper stand
::BB:: - Wall Mounted Deer Head (MESH)
22769 ~ [bauwerk] - Usher Window Drapes
Apple Fall-AF Carriage Clock, AF Pheasant Feathers
7 - Two Cigar Boxes
-JoHaDeZ- Old Cigar Box
POST- Falun Apples and Pears
[ keke ] - berries - white
miyu Adder - Poinsettia
Pixel Mode - Writer's Room - My Cup of Tea, Pixel Mode - Writer's Room - Book Stack
:CP: Virginia Flowers, :CP: Chloe's Milk Can Willows
Cork Rich - Home Clutter - Newspaper, phone & glasses
Second Spaces - ezra rotary, ezra ashtray, caster table - San Francisco
"Simplicity" - Wall Lamp
Amanda Dench - *Denchy* Basset Hound (with sound Menu)
[noctis] - Mesh Stack of Books Texture3

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