Saturday, November 1, 2014

Sexy Is as Sexy Does

A new round at ~Uber~ and I had to give Pixel Mode's Ophelia Bed a test drive.  I went from 0 to 60 in 3 seconds :)

This bed has some amazing animations and the bed linens are texture changed.  You will LOVE it.

Pixel Mode



Building:  [ba] haight apartment skybox, (Walls retextured in grey linen)

[PM]Pixel Mode - Voo Voo Lamp:White/White
[PM]Pixel Mode - Watcher, Ophelia Bed - Adult ~Uber~
MudHoney Zelia Books, Curtains, Zelia Plant, Zoe Dresser - Black, Ryan Lamp, Zoe Chair - Black
Apple Fall - Key Table (Washed Light), AF Winner Trophies, Apple Fall Deer Skull, Apple Fall Pediment Frame w/ Pillar Sketch, AF Rico's Clock, {af} Tied Books and Love Letters, Apple Fall Plaster Horse
The Loft - Bacall Chair Mateo, Bacall Accessory Tray, Bacall Bowl of Roses Red, Granite Spheres, Roxy Square Strands
[ARIA] Arlette  Sweet Pea bouquet, Avelien tulip flower  arrangement in a vase Type A
Dutchie dropped dress, Dress on hanger
+Half-Deer+ - Stag Key Wall Hanging (tex. change)
PILOT - Moose Antlers [White/Wood]
OO - Ruined rug 2
POST - Old Mesh Area Rug
My Fern
My Art

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