Thursday, November 6, 2014

More Cosiness

Wonderful things from so many places!  Fameshed, The Men's Department The Chapter Four, Xiasumi School Festival, The Fantasy Gacha - and The Collabor88 opening 11/8/2014; not to mention the Seraphim Circus event.

While shopping the grid, I thought I found a new designer - Nomad (creator Piraiyah Novikov).  Piraiyah has been in Second Live for over 7 years.  Where have I been!  The table and techno clocks available at The Chapter Four are so sleek and cool.  They fit in the same decor as The Lounge Set by revival, available at The Men's Department.


The Men's Department


The Chapter Four

Xiasumi school festival

The Fantasy Gacha


Building - Scarlet Creative Designer Challenge - Noelle Chalet Furnished

.:revival:. - The Lounge Scene metal chair 01, metal chair 02, oh deer, fire log basket  wood stove - The Men's Department
.:revival:. - Arrow light - Fameshed
floorplan - Color block curtains / khaki, washboard, pallet couch /burnt PG
:CP: & PILOT - Backyard Cinema Side Table w/Popcorn
Hideki - Triple Chair, Pile of Stuff
NOMAD - Tinker Table with Tools, "The Old Ur" Silver, "The Old Ur" Wooden
Second Spaces - Bauer cabinet, Michelle old mail slots
+Half-Deer+ - The Mad Scientist's Birdcage, Stag Key Wall Hanging
DIGS - Nature's Way Log Store [MESH]
Vespertine - Wood easel/just a little bit paint, clipped prints
Lark - Antique Map Chandelier - Xiasumi school festival
[Con.] - Hanging Candelabra
The Loft - SL inspired Bus Scroll Washed, Porthole Mirror, Roxy Lumbar Pillow Moss, Painted Tail Birds
Scarlet Creative - Adler Rug, Love Leaf Jug Plants
MudHoney - Orange Fall Rug
LISP - Deer Pillows (from sofa)
{anc} - Cocktailbird/ birds:orange - The Fantasy Gacha
*ionic* - Mommy Bear, Fish Bear - The Chapter Four
Pixel Mode - Candles - Birch
[ARIA] - Parma potted cactus small, Eva Plumeria in a vase
/ XIAJ / - Wooden Push Broom
[*Art Dummy!] - All is calm. all is bright. (art on wood)
BananaN - Books
Dutchie - Books
Zigana - This and that wall and books on floor (packaging)
[we're CLOSED] - Old lantern S
PILOT - Motel Key Rack
Apple Fall - AF Harry's Boat
[noctis] - Toxicology books
ISPACHI - The Arrival - Frolicking Foxes
[tea.s] - Wicked Mat - Go Away
Striped mocha - lighting pumpkins [light&dark green]
Kalopsia - Staglady Statue
miyu Adder - Pumila
Botanical - 'Twoey' Carnivorous Plant
TA - Crossword Magazines
D-LAB - CP-Wooden Flowers Set2

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