Friday, October 17, 2014

Welcome to my nightmare!

I love creepy stuff and Kalopsia has really creeped me out.  Evil Jack in the Boxes - part of the TAG! Gacha.  Aphrodite has two rooms that are silly-spooky.  The animations are so much fun.  I'm dead in front of the covered piano.

Building:  Lake House by Pandemonium

Kalopsia - Jack (Vintage) RARE
Kalopsia - Jack (Jester)
Kalopsia - Jack (Clown)
Kalopsia - Jack (Pierrot)
Kalopsia - Alfred (Jigsaw)
Kalopsia - Alfred (It)

Kalopsia - Le Miroire de la Marquise

MudHoney - Metal Pumpkin med, large, small white
[Fetch] - Aged Chandelier - gold
Aphrodite - Covered Piano, Bloody Carpet, Cobwebs with Rat, Fireplace, Grand dads Picture (from "Ghostly Livingroom")
Aphrodite - "Macabre Story"   Mannequin (from Halloween Bedroom)
.:SF:. (Senzafine) - "The Gloaming" Floor Candelabra (Autumn Glow)
[noctis] - Forture Teller's mesh candelabra light (3Li)
DRD - Stack of suitcases
Rod Eun RE - Old Wood Trunk w/Iron Bands
Oyasumi -  wooden wire bench
Zinnia's - Deer Skull

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