Thursday, October 2, 2014

Social Commentary - I hate (love?) gachas

First of all, this "rant" is not about Art Dummy, which is one of my favorite designers and oldest decorating go-to stores.  This is about the dreaded gacha.  I'm not the first to complain, nor will I be the last - but I'm going to have my say.  In general, I avoid gacha events unless there is something I can't live without.

In the September, 2014 round of The Arcade, Art Dummy had this adorable set called Simple Things.  The desks were beautiful, but I was especially crazy to get a copy of the RARE Lemon Branches.  Each hit at the gacha machine was $25 L

I waited a week to make my first visit.  By the time I finally got one copy of the Lemon Branches, I had purchased 30+ desks @ $25 L each.  So that one cost me approximately $775 L .

I went to yard sales, gacha sales and rummage sales to look for an after-market copy of the Lemon Branches, but couldn't find one, so last week, I went back to The Arcade to try my luck.

I got another 36 desk, 4 RARE shelves with decor, and another copy of the Lemon Branches.  The second copy of the Lemon Branches cost me $1,025 L.

What the hell do I do with 66 desks?  

Since I had deleted the first 30+ desk, I took the new 36 desks and opened the School for Suckers.  I linked them all together so they won't eat into my inventory count.

The Admissions Department is now accepting new students and the school offers financial aid.

Show some love for Art Dummy!


Building:  Aseraser Core - PREFABRICA CITIES - Factory no.3

Art Dummy - simple things - vintage desks
Bazar - Toronto-Industrial clock, Torornto-Study black board, Tornot-Study art, Toronto-Study industrial art, Toronto-Study books
Second Spaces - City Pool storage lockers - full set, Writer's Block books for research
Floorplan - librarian cart / rusted, leaning chalkboards
Aley - Mad Scientist Lab chalkboard (2 prims) (available at the Marketplace - Store 161413)
Kalopsia - Fall Wreath, old box - red
{vespertine} - dead end sign, bookstacks, book of tale lover, book carts
Junk - old school tube bench. pg, old school cabinet, metal drawer chair. paint splatter.
Apple Fall - [AF] WORLD Globe, Deer Skull, AF Nelly the Ele, AF Apple Line, Design Books, AF Teacup Teal
Land of Nodd - Victorian Microscope
{sa} Charlotte Bartlett - Letter Press Fully Linked Set
Miau (mistyy.minotaur) - Old industrial table 3.BM, Books Backwoods mafia
Shutter field - sf country bucket of flowers - silver
MudHoney - Madagascar Boxes
/artilleri/  - The Levine radio *red*
Dutchie - herb1
+CONVAIR+ - Studio Art Pencils

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