Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Kalopsia Does Bell Epoche

I've always wanted to use this bed - Floria Bed by Bazar.  Thought it went well with Kalopsia's new pieces.  It also gives me an opportunity to try out Annan's new windlight settings.  Thank you Annan for sharing.


Building:  Mayfair Apt. by Apple Fall

Environment Settings:  Sky - Annan Adored - Noble Goes Dutch III, plus photo editing

*SHOP SEU* - 1prim anim cat -Siam-  grooming
Kalopsia - Le Miroire de la Marquise, La Table de la Marquise, Leather Chair (Adult)
Bazar - Floria Bed, Floria bedroom rug, Floria Bed lamp R, Floria flower vase
Apple Fall - Pearl Chandelier, (The Chapter Four), AF Carriage Clock, AF Rose Bouquet, AF Pocket Watch, AF Teacup Pearls RARE, AF Teacup Teal, 
22769 ~ [bauwerk] - Leafes Lamp Gold
A.V. - Etienne Side Table
-JoHaDeZ - stool "shy"
LTD - Bow Tie Cushion (1955)
:CP: - Sara Photo Heart
Hanaya - Plant Stand GIFT
Lark - Crawford Wall Hook & Slip
+Half-Deer+ - Mer-deer Trinket Dish (Seafoam)
*ionic* - memories collector
Damien Fate - "Friendship Bear"  
Jorja Giano - 2 prim potted petunias white 
Annadmaya Ezvalt (The Marketplace) - Elegance deco desing curtain /drapes 143 
~Libertine~ - Gustave Dore' + Paolo and Francesca
TG - Weathered Marble Sculpture - Male Torso - Domus Fair
Melusina Parkin - Melu Deco Perfume Bottles - Lolita - Xmas  

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