Thursday, September 11, 2014

Time for a pumpkin spiced latte!

...and mulled apple cider!

Thank you and a shout out to some of my favorite creationists!

Kalopsia's set for The Neighborhood - FALL IS COMING - is still available.

The cornfield in these pics is sooooo cool and perfect for Autumn landscaping.  I got them on the Marketplace.
SimPro Designs (Lordisma Shepherd) - Corn Field Brown Copy/Mod,  Corn Field Green Copy/Mod

Also, a year ago, MudHoney put out their amazing Fall Mums in Buckets.  I was just at the MudHoney store and they are available again at the front door.  

Soy's groovy three legged chairs are available at this month's The Men's Department.

Thank you 8f8 for the free and charming Back to School Chair.  Your work is beautiful.


Soy - Old Hut [for overground], Three legged chair [crow]
Kalopsia - "Fall is coming" Sign, Piece of Fence, Old Stool, Fall Wreath, Pumpkins
[Fetch] - Aged Chandelier - gold
[ keke ] - Little white cabinet
8f8 - Back to School Chair
Kuro - That coffee table
Botanical - T2C Log Seat 3
MudHoney - Mums in Bucket
HBLYS - Scarecrow (Albert Beerbaum)
22769 ~ [bauwerk] - Violin (Decoration) from the Decadence is Bliss collection
Tatty Soup - Grass Bucket
Floorplan - Hanging Map Paris
{theosophy} - Dinmael Bust (Sand/Iron) (I don't know why i'm so crazy about this piece)
7 - Keep Off Lawn Sign
{vespertine} - Original beer crate filled
{af} - Omega Beer
[PM]Pixel Mode - F Bomb
POST - Metropol Cast Iron Floor Lamp
(iTuTu) - Petit dahlia can /white
SimPro Designs (Lordisma Shepherd) - Corn Field Brown Copy/Mod,  Corn Field Green Copy/Mod

Pictures taken with Second Life Viewer/Sunrise Environment Setting and modified on Picmonkey.

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  1. Very cool and I feel the chill in the air. Thank you for providing the windlight and sharing some of your finds with us. I've been looking for autumn grass and thanks to you, I have a new source!