Saturday, September 27, 2014

Consensual Fun

Consensual - an event which features furniture for Adult "entertainment" runs from September 26 through October 5.

Kalopsia's creation is the amazing Deco-inspired bed and furniture collection.  The animations are tres fun.  I do not have a partner in Second Life, so I'm not able to demonstrate some of the more lively pose sets, but you get the idea.

I added pieces from Dutchie (a notorious adult designer) and noctis.




Building:  Chateau la Lutiniere by Never Totally Dead

Kalopsia - Bed, Lamp, Leather Chair, Rug (Adult)

[noctis] Belliss's mantle shelf with books, Belliss's mantle bookshelf#2, walnut, Vintage chest of drawers, decal walnut/vase, Miss Coldwine's parlour  table, Reflective wall sconce (single script), Enlightenment sidetable, Antique scarlet velour rug, Gargoyle bookstack, Lilienstil vase w feathers/lilac, Victorian home journals
Dutchie teak vanity, French chaise longue, spa necessities
LISP - Anna Fireplace Oak Bright Yellow - sit for animations
{anc} - Stonesidetable/gold/stone
The Loft - Bennet Drapes White, Claryon Chandelier Gold, Vogue 1930, Bacall Bowl of Roses Cream, Lady Gold, Bennet Magnolia Vase
Lark - Crawford Hat Boxes, Crawford Glove Box
AF - Ceramic Chubby Squirrel
(MB) - Sculpted Decorated Mannequin / Tailor's Dummy "NIGHT OUT"
-tb- Bon Voyage - Clock Radio (Yellow)
[ARIA] Arlette decorative cheese platter

Additional Poses:  aDORKable Poses: Frisky Dork Pack
Wearing:  Lingerie by Hollee - Delinquency Rouge

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