Friday, August 15, 2014


I have been busy styling, but my pictures are terrible.  So I am not comfortable publishing them.

I've been arguing with my computer.  I'm not happy with the quality of my graphics.  I have messed with video card drivers and preferences in my Second Life and Firestorm viewers and things are still fuzzy.  I have dual 27" monitors and a powerful Intel i7 CPU with 12 GB of memory running on a relatively new Dell Studio XPS 8100.

I'm at my wit's end.  So I purchased a $500 video card.  If that doesn't work, i'm open to suggestions.

Onto better things.  I am crazy about Soy's new offering for Kustom9.  I know they are Glass Fishing Floats, but I see them as useful for other things - kitty babysitters :)


Building - L2 Studio The Writer's Shed

Soy - Glass Fishing Floats
Apple Fall - Panoramic Rug, Cat Art, Team Time Tins
Art Dummy - bare (chair-white/floral)
Trompe Loeil - Deco Table Lamp, Fiona Star Lamp Long
Zinnias - Leggy Red Planter, Leggy Blueboy Planter (i LOVE these)
La Galleria - Travetine Column Pedestal Console
LISP - Lullaby Flower Arrangement
What Next - Flyaway Wall Art (Butterflies) - black
Bazar - Water Cooker
Forest Floor - Cypress in pot
My old KittyCats

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