Friday, August 22, 2014

Man's World

What more can I say!  I designed my home at The Grove with a masculine sensitivity.

If I missed something in the credits and you would like more info, please let me know.


My home at the Grove - L2 STUDIO Tarrytown House 

Main Pieces:

Stockholm & Lima - G.U.Y. Sofa (TMD Edition)- PG
Junk - Bartlet rug one, Repurposed wheel light iron, T-frame light, Morrison locker cabinet
Fanatik - Utaba Table Small
[Con.] - Tripod Theatre Light, Mill Collection - Windmill - (Rust)
Kalopsia - [N*11] Crate Chair - Galvanized - Cream, Crate Chair - Galvanized - Chocolate
22769 ~ [bauwerk] - Sack Pouf Fair Trade
MudHoney  - Marble Box - blackm, Golden Orb, Neve Rug
CD (Evhalyn Serpente) - Kaya Plant
/ XIAJ / - Hera Artist Stool
Apple Fall - Grass, Dark Bamboo Desk, Wicker Bentwood Chair, L'Olivier, Charlotte's Pears, Decorative Artichokes, Meadow Flowers
Standby Inc. - ATR (Worn)
[PM]Pixel Mode - Lisa Lamp, Cohen Dining Table
The Loft - Verona Armchair 2 Dark Cherry, Verano Armchair Dark Cherry, Verano table
Zigana -  Maroccan table . red
Picnic & (pda) - Autre-moeurs chair 01

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