Friday, July 18, 2014

Safari Log - Day 2

Okay, I think I have exhausted my Safari theme.  I wanted to add a few more pics which include some old favorites as well as new favorites.

FYI - I purchased all these things.  You can see the hole in my Linden Bank Account. :)



Building - Apple Fall Paris Apartment

Artwork - Zebras - Internet Downloads

Apple Fall - Kensington Bookcases (Rustic), Travel Drawers (Peruvian), Reading Pile, Rope Suspended Gallery, Nelly the Ele
Junk - Old School Tube Bench (pg), Pulley Ceiling Lights
Anc - Stonesidetable/antiquemilk
Alouette - The Sylvianne Chaise
Tarte - Elephant Plush, Hunter Stool
Pilot - Plain Tufted Sofa Snow Leopard
Culprit - Edwardia Chair Zebra
The Loft - Storage Box(es) Old Map, Twig Vases, Twisted Vases, Mathis Drapery, Mathis Console, Wireframe Lamp, Mara Bucket Club Chair (black), Lady Slipper Vase, Mara Mirror Copper, Roxy Lumbar Pillow (my texture), Linen Trim Rug Black
Cheeky Pea - Hastings Light, Lightning Bug Can, Heather Antique Phone
Aphrodite - African Masks
Spargel and Shine - Annie Antique Travel Set
Jimpsky Rhode - Jewelry Box_inlay, Jewelry Box_egyption, Fauxbooks2
Dutchie - Asplenium Nidus (fern), 3 Herbs, Palms
Ispachi - Gazelle's Head
Arcana - Animal Specimen - Gigant Bat, Helmet Collection - Iron
Stonewood Interiors - Basket Plant, Plant in Wicker Basket
Standby Inc. - Globe #2, Antique Camera (bronze) (floor and on shelf)
JoHaDeZ - Old Globe
MudHoney - Tea Light Plank, Leslie Plant
Bazar - Floria Antique Clock
Con - the Incantanium Novellas - Multi, Backyard Drive-In - Reels, Fossil Hunter Bag, Fossil Hunter Map & Notes
China Trading Post - Golden dragon treasure box
StoraxTree - Native Giraffe Whimsy Brown Statue, Native Giraffe Whimsy Grey Statue, Native Zebra Statue
Case de BeBe - Mercury Glass Candle Stick
Tartessos Arts - Concept Mail Tray
Post - Orange box, Old Found Notebooks
Petite Maison - Brynn Hurricane Candle
8f8 - Post Apocalyptic Tree
Theo Republic - SC Ornate Candlestick
Floorplan - Candle Vase
Kuro - Decorative Plate, Old Ladder
Tarte - Elephant Plush, Hunter Stool
OAL/SP Discoverying.destiny - Valezquez Desk, Chairs and small table
BA - Onion Lamps (orange)
AV - Epoque Candles

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