Saturday, July 19, 2014

American Pickers - The History Channel

The promo says "Follow expert antiquers as they scour the country's junkyards, basements and barns for hidden gems."  The few shows that I saw reminded me of "let's cheat some ole guy out of a cool relic".  But, that's just me.

A similar show, American Restoration, is incredibly interesting - Rick Dale is an expert restorer with a great eye for what is cool and what ain't.

Anyway, this blob pays homage to the American Pickers of the world.


Con - Backyard Drive-In - Truck BLACK PG, Marquee Black, Soda
Seven Emporium - The Cupid Motel Sign, Route 66 Sign
POST - Ely Roadside Star (v2), Old Spigot / Water Trough (sculpty)

POST - Hurley Rural Garage, Tire Stack, Frosti Beer Bottles (props), Les Folies Haybales (grouped)
Zinnias - "Nevada" Cow Skull
Con  - Boneyard Soda Machine - Red, USA Crate Shelving, Backyard Drive-In - Truck RUST PG
Junk - Metal drawer chair. paint splatter, Old school cabinet.
Arcana - Vintage Drinks Machine
Seven Emporium - Gasoline Lamp, Gasoline Can, Ranch Guide Sign
Dirty Deeds - BEER Bottles
Debora Stine - Extinguisher Fire (model 3) DBy
Virtual Decay - Metal Sign: Sky Chief, Metal Sign: Texaco gasolines
MMG's - Railroad tie-Short_dark cocoa

Con - Boneyard Naval Fireplace - Coffee, Boneyard Soda Machine - Gold,  Boneyard Soda Machine - RUST - FLF,  Mill Collection - Windmill
Seven Emporium - Ice Machine, Cigarette Machine, Clown Head RARE, Wonder Wheel #2 RARE
Floorplan - Drive-in speaker
The Domineaux Effect - Wheelbarrow Planter
22769 bauwerk - Old Register Counter
Junk - Salvaged tractor table

POST - Rural Gas Tank
Angharad Greggan - Makeshift Chair Barbecue

Jordan Giant - Wooden Poetry Chair F
Kiku's Works - Wheelbarrow
Apple Fall - Bee Hive (Old)
Seven Emporium - Moonshine Still

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