Thursday, June 5, 2014

To Sleep Perchance to Dream

I put together pieces from my favorite designers.  Credits at the end.

The Arcade

Building - POST at The Grove

Mutresse - Rock Star Gnome - RARE - The Arcade
Ispachi - [Upheaval] Axis Bowler - F2 RARE, Militia Gasmask - Plain* (box only) - The Arcade
What Next - Silver Ride-On Speedster (wear) COPY - The Arcade
Apple Fall - Province Chair, Province Table, AIR Notebook, Fern Specimen, Fashion Trunk Classical / Ink Stained / Original / Weathered, Hat Box, L'Olivier, Springbok Skull
Apple Fall - Sketchbook, Plaid Luggage Bag, Monogram Luggage Bag - The Arcade
Kalopsia - Books Pile,  Staglady Statue, Diving Helmet (Copper), Diving Helmet (Steel), Old Letters, Rusted Ottoman, Garage Shelf
Bazar - Toronto Bedroom Books & Glasses, Toronto-Bedroom floor lamp w/o cable, Toronto-Bedroom books, Toronto-Bathroom carpet, Toronto-Dining room carpet, Toronto-Kitchen lamp, Toronto-Bedroom Industrial art2/art1
Aria - Verna Leather Sofa (on top of  HBLYS_WoodCabinets 2x1)
Mad Pea - Bonsai Naku, Bonsai Kasa
Lisp - Kepler Telescope
MudHoney - Zelia Rug
Theosophy - Dinmael Bust (Sand/Iron),  Chess Set
Koenji - Lamp
Half-Deer - Raccoon Paperweight w/ Sketch
The Loft - Roxy Pillows, Storage Box Old Map
Chloe Home - Office breakfast
TA - Panorama Boxes
Eleventh Hour -  Stromfield Flyer - RARE
Verspertine - Curious Boxes
Artilleri - Tahoe TV
Seven Emporium - Square Frame Wall Leaners, Now Serving Sign
Seven Emporium - No Service Sign (REVIEW), Clown Head RARE (REVIEW) - The Arcade
One Grid - Torso Male, Hat Lamp Gold
Pilot - McCoy Bedside Table, Feeny Food Tray - Warehouse, Rolled Paper Rack, Sagittarius 1
Junk - Pipe Magazine Rack, Morrison wall art light, Morrison locker cabinet, t. pipe stool cushion, Morrison wall art light, Target practice dartboard
Fanatik Home - Real Folded Jeans, Sweaters, Vintage travel trunk Stickers, Skull
Michigans Shack - Urban Pallet Bed, with decor
Trompe Loeil - Gyroscope Lamp Rusty
22769 ~ [bauwerk] - Vintage Plane Figurettes (LI3), Vintage Globe, Vintage Travel Magazines, Sextant, Engine Room Telegraph
Miyu Adder - Pumila (plant)
Zigana - packaging on bed
Alouette - Box of Mail 4, Box of Mail 2
Dreamscapes Decor - *Worn Rug* 3
Denchy -  Basset Hound (with sound Menu)
Floorplan -  bowl of apples, soda crate stack
Damien Fate - Friendship Bear
Second Spaces - Area 51 comics
POST - Metropol Cast Iron Floor Lamp
Mijn.botique / home - The Moon
BananaN - Scrolls
TG - Weathered Marble Sculpture - Male Torso - Domus Fair
We're Closed - Cable light black (transfer)
Culprit - Dragon with the Girl Tattoo
[n]  - Wall Cage Light Grey

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