Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Tea with Friends

In RL I have two dogs.  In SL I have 30+ KittyCats.  Once upon a time, I was involved in breeding Siamese and Bengal for my own amusement.  Now I have a couple of hundred "new born kittens" in my inventory which will most likely remain unborn.

I invited a few of my favorite Kitty friends to Tea and Poetry.

AGs Margarete! Siamese Chocolate with Mint Julep Eyes

AGs Augustus! Balinese Seal Lynx with Green and Violet Eyes

Me: BAD Knees - AGs Blizzard! Bengal Snow with Orange and Violet Eyes; AGs Carmen! Siamese Chocolate with Violet Eyes

AGs Calcutta!, AGs Valencia!, AGs Churchill! and AGs Persephone!

AGs Valencia! Siamese Chocolate Ice Eyes; AGs Calcutta! Siamese Chocolate Gold Eyes


Building - POST: Suntaks Gamla Kyrka v1  (Modified - windows added) at The Grove

La Galleria - Ice Blue Fruit & Vine Rug
Cheeky Pea - Weekender Bench Neutral (PG)
ARIA - Bryony curtains (mod/copy) (Modified - texture)
Dutchie - Room Divider China
Atelier Kreslo - Ma Vie & Lark - Chaise Musicale 5, Chaise Musicale 2
Floorplan -  Librarian cart / rusted
llorisen - Eclectic wooden painted chair RARE (old Arcade item)
Painter Meriman/Meriman's Emporium - Georgian Crystal chandelier 2012
DIGS - Falmouth Coffee Table - Mahogany/Mid
Junk - Ladder shelf dark
JoHaDeZ - Sidetable "Classic"
PILOT -  Journal
What Next - Chocolatier Drinks Tray, Coastal Coffee Cup (blue)
The Loft - Bacall Bowl of Roses Cream, Bacall Bowl of Roses Peach, Neo Mirror, Meid Lamp Baby Blue
iTuTu - petit dahlia can /white, planter-06-s
Apple Fall - AF Pillow (Tree), AF Books, AF L'Olivier
Cute Poison Home - Crown Hook (Gold)
Vespertine - Used suitcase books, bookstack (old Arcade items)
Vespertine - Garden gate door right - moss 
Bazar - Toronto-Bedroom books & glasses
Ohmai - Little Brior Rose R&C Reed Diffuser (Full), 100 Years of Waiting Hourglass (Magic Dust)
Frogs Garden - Nichinichi-sou (pink)
My KittyCats
My Art

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