Thursday, June 19, 2014

Eat at Joes - Shut Down!

The health department came by for an inspection today.  They said the food was beautifully prepared and uncontaminated, but fortunately they discovered rats in the kitchen.  So much for my fine dining experience :)


Building:  Gabrielle Swindlehurst  - The Burton Cottage 

OW (Old World) - Pumpkin with rats
Laura Liberty Builders Deport -Fresh Fish Fishing Crate Seaside Nautical Decor
Bazar - Toronto-Long kitchen cabinet B, Long kitchen cabinet A
Shai - Watermelon Crate 2
L&B - Lobster Vintage Sign
Trident - Shark Trophy I
SC - Ornate Candlestick T*Shabby Stuff*
Apple Fall - AF Annan Reclaimed Shelving, AF Vintage Portable Camera
Culprit - Fishy Box 7 (copy)
Dining Tables - The Loft - Villa Casolare Round - Colonial Walnut
Dining Chairs - Trompe Loeil - Nautical Basic Chairs
Aphrodite - Sea Food, "Sailors Seabreeze" Coastal Bedroom - boat deco
Dutchie - Schefflera, Scindapsus, Bread and Cheese
What Next - Charlotte Rug, Magazine Pile
Cheeky Pea - Bowl Planter, Hastings Light, Hastings Side Table, Cup of Tea
(iTuTu) - Planter-04-s
Petite Maison - Brynn Hurricane & Candle
The Loft - Alderan Placemat - Deco Only no Food
Fri.home - ahoy rug, nautical silhouettes, ahoy bench (PG), in the navy pictures
7 - Jukebox DC108C, Cigarette Machine
Picnic - fish DU5,ltd
Vespertine - postcard stand - Old Arcade Item
BoatHouse - Driftwood Coffee Table
Junk - Morrison ceiling light.

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