Friday, May 23, 2014

(iTuTu) - The essential beauty of simple things

Whenever you see a well-dressed room, you will see a simple, elegant piece from (iTuTu).  Kao Sands and Toraji Voom, the creative geniuses behind (iTuTu) have been making the "must-have" decor items for over six years.

I have most of there garden items and felt the need to pay homage to the charming little shop that endures.

iTuTu - 1

iTuTu - 2

iTuTu - 3

iTuTu - 4

iTuTu - 5

iTuTu - 6

iTuTu - 7

iTuTu - 8

iTuTu - 9

iTuTu -10

iTuTu - 11


AQ Factory (Akiraaa Questi) - AQF Aging Hut

Picture 1 and 6
AF - Rue du Fauborg (sign), Annan Reclaimed Shelving
iTuTu - Planter-02-m, Planter-04-s, Planter-04-m, Planter-01-m, Planter-01-s, 
branch light
Y's House - ID Shelf 00 black H-2100
iTuTu - Planter 05-m, Planter-06-m, Paper Planter, Planter-06-s,
Planter-05-s, Poppy Pot Cream, Poppy Pot Yellow/Orange, 
Garden Bowl M
Lark - Dessert Table
iTuTu - Pear Bowl, Petit Leaf Vine Can, Petit Dahlia Can White,
Petit Dahlia Can Yellow, Paper Planter 02 L, Paper Planter 02 M,
Paper Planter Rose 01 M
HPMD - Standing Rabbit M, Standing Rabbit L
Picnic - Rabbit Head DU5, hi, Rabbit Head DU5, lo
Durer Pic - my own
Leyla Firefly - Bucket (Rabbit is sitting on it)

Picture 2 and 3 - Partial
iTuTu - Wreath02, Wreath-01, Wreath-04

Picture 4 and 5
Y's House - ID Shelf 00 black H-2100
iTuTu - Lavender Pot, Petit Leaf Vine Pot S, Vegetable Bowl L,
Petit Leaf Vine Pot M, Garden Bowl L, Flower Basket - 01 M,
Water Bowl M, Water Bowl L, Vegetable Bowl M, Petit Vine Leaf

Picture 7 and 8 - Partial
Standby Inc - Akira Chair (brown stool)
iTuTu - Tomato Bowl, Paper Planter Rose 01 L

Picture 9
HPMD - Sitting Rabbit White L
iTuTu - Planter-03-m, Planter-03-s

Picture 10
MMG - Standing Bucket
Hanaya - Metal Bucket
Boudoir - Spring Grass (with butterflies)

Picture 11
iTuTu - Tree Pot 2, Owl Cushion M Pink


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