Friday, January 31, 2014

Dining at the Fanatik Era

My work schedule is grueling.  I'm on call a lot, so I'm not able to devote as much time as I would like to my favorite hobby.

Here are pictures of the dining room/kitchen area.

I have opened up my sim, so if you would like to visit - here is the link.

The door is phantom, so walk right through.

The work on the top floor is incomplete, but there are some interesting placements.

IM me if you have any questions.


Pillars - from Vespertine Metaomorphosis house yard
Plants - Dutchie, Forest Floor, Green and Wild, +SOUL+
Pixel Mode - F Bomb
DIGS - Derya Rug
Creative Decay - September Sofa
CP & Pilot - Backyard Cinema Table
Scarlet Creative - Creme Lamp
POST - Calhoun Barber Pole
Heart Home - Silver Luxury Rug
AF & Flowey - Impact Throne Chair Abyss
The Loft - Casolare Table Walnut
The Loft - Casolare Dining Chair Black
The Loft - Wooden Chandelier
StoraxTree - Hearth and Home Fireplace F
Trompe Loeil - Green Glass Buffet Lamp
The Loft - Concentric Gold (bauble)
Clutter - Whippet Statue
AF - Books
iTuTu - Planter 04 - S
Standby Inc - Furnace
Bazar - Floria Kitchen
The Loft - Barrel Stool
POST - Birchfield Antique Pew Cushions
Frog Garden - Summer Rag Rug - yellow
Tons of other stuff...

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