Thursday, April 4, 2013

The French House - Deer, Part 2

The DEER French House provided a wonderful canvas to realize my vision.  Unfortunately, there were no windows in the back part of the house on the first floor which was where I was putting in the dining room and kitchen.

What is the point of having a beautiful piece of land on the water with wonderful landscaping if you can't see it? 

I modded the back wall and added french doors and a deck.  I urge everyone who has a home and a piece of property to deconstruct their house and let their artistic nature shine.  If you save a copy of your house before you start,  you will be safe.

One of my great blunders was to fully finish a house, but i decided at the last moment to tweak a texture.  Instead of applying it to a selected surface, i applied it to the entire house - it was not a pretty sight.

Here are pics of the dining room and kitchen.

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