Monday, December 24, 2012


Someplace to watch the snow fall and keep warm.  I've always wanted to live in a Loft.  [ba] created this fabulous skybox loft and I enjoyed adding my touch.

Have a peaceful and bountiful holiday season.

  • Loft - [ba] snowy city loft with extras - packaged
  • Chairs, bookshelves - mudhoney
  • Christmas Rabbit - *DC*_AlbertLapin_for Display - *COCO*
  • Side table - PILOT - McCoy Bedside Table
  • Coffee table - .lame - Leslie's Sled Table
  • TV - /artilleri/ TV Time * black*
  • Christmas Tree - Stonewood Interiors Woodland Christmas Tree Flocked
  • Dog - Jack dog  AAA Sculpty Creations Animals
  • Window Bench - Scarlet Creative
  • Small Heather - POST / Bayonne Farola-Fireplace
  • Table - *K* Harrogate Trestle Dining Table,  Kismet
  • Table Chairs and line of chairs - 1 Theatre Chair Model; Theatre Seats - 5 Row  by Sculpty Republic (Anthonys Republic)
  • Accessories: Kismet wreath, candles, tv centerpiece, Hanaya- Bark + Driftwood Deer (Snowy), Big Red Poinsettia by World of Wood, Little Poinsettia by poche, POST: "Popcorn Trail" Crochet Spread 1937 (tinted); ::PopArt:: Led xmas Red Reindeer, Planted Half Barrel with Holly - ArchiTech Design in Winter
  • Rug Divine Right of Kings Carpet 1 LovElyDesigns Antique Furniture

IM me inworld if you would like more information



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