Thursday, May 17, 2012

Private Art Gallery

I love my Linden Home.  It gives me a place to change my outfits and raise a kitty or two.  But 117 prims is woefully inadequate to fully "spruce up my space".

Prim Perfect and others have challenged designers to come up with pleasing arrangements.  Following in their footsteps, I decided to rethink my space.  I came up with an Art Gallery.  Almost everything in here is 1 to 5 prims which allows me to put tons of stuff in this design.

I now have a quarter sim where I can waste prims to my heart's content, but I still keep my Linden Home because it pleases me.

Nika Dreamscape's Blog did a really nice piece.  See the link below.

Since everything in Second Life has been created by hand, we might consider even the smallest flower pot a piece of art!

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