Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I Love Chairs - Chapter 2, Fancy Chairs

Who doesn't love a beautiful chair?  Silk? Damask? Leather?  The following are my favorite "fancy chairs"  - draft in progress

Fancy Chairs - 1

++LP2++ (Yasuki Beck)- ++LP2++  sofa 099 St_BW
Melino Style Moroccan (Tara Tagore) - Silver frame button chair
LISP (Pandora Popstar) - LISP - Asylum Raven Chair

Fancy Chairs - 2

GOS (gospel.voom) - Queen Anne Chair
LovElyDesigns (Elyenora Wisent) - Baroque Arm Chair
Nonna Hedges - red striped occasional chair

Fancy Chairs - 3

LovElyDesigns (Elyenora Wisent) - Divine Right of Kings Dynasty Chair
LovElyDesigns (Elyenora Wisent) - Governess's Desk Chair
Melino Style Moroccan (Tara Tagore) - Jaal arm chair 2

Fancy Chairs - 4

Nonna Hedges - orange chairMelino Style Moroccan (Tara Tagore) - Silver frame armchair1Nonna Hedges - Chair_couch1831_1832_siderailleft

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